Greens Open

Hi Everyone

With some of the restrictions easing we are now able to practice on the greens. No official games are permitted, spacing between rinks is required and hand sanitising is also a must, but we are at least allowed to have a roll up now and then.

We need to stick to strict precautions and a notice will be on the mat shed doors, but the following are most important.
No more than 10 players on each green, Only 4 people allowed to play together  All players to use separate mats and jacks, an empty rink between rinks in use, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray to be used,  This will be provided but good idea to  to bring your own.  Players to practice safe hygiene at all times, Mats and jacks to be sanitized after use, Players to leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play, Club house will not be open, Bring your own drinks,  No barefoot bowls.   Only use the outside toilet if required. Please do not overdo it and do not stay too long and give others a go.

Hope to see some of you back enjoying the greens once again.